particolare in peek per settore food and beverage


Our machine shops are able to produce both, milled and turned parts with all the polymeric materials. Our milling centers (with 3, 4 and 5 continuos axys) can produce complex shape and tight tolerance parts. In our turning department, double revolver and double spindle machines are also available. It is competitive in production of small and big batches. Our routers can machine big dimension parts with a very short delivery leadtime.

camma in PEEK - settore alimentare

Injection molding

Our customers can take advantage of our injection molding department which is able to produce complex parts even in high performance polymers


Sometimes the application require finishing operations. We can identify the produced parts by engraving, ink printer or laser. Together with our specilized partners we can also offer metallized parts or marked parts by tampography.

assieme per l'industria del packaging


We can support our customers delivering them pre-mounted and tested assemblies


Finished parts logistic services
We can face needs or requirements of our customers by arranging safety stock, scheduled and kanban productions.

Stock shape warehouse
Stock shapes extruded or casted in all the most important polymers and dimensions are always available in our warehouse. The partnership with the Ensinger group guarantees daily delivery of semi-finished material. So we can guarantee to our customers to choose in a wide portfolio of materials and a short delivery time

3D printing


Progettate liberamente i vostri particolari in PEEK e negli altri tecnopolimeri, non abbiate timore della complessitĂ  e risparmiate su costi e tempi di fabbricazione. La tecnologia additiva di Geartec libera il progettista da qualsiasi vincolo. Geartec, sempre un passo avanti