Customer Success through Passionate and Committed Service

We grow as passionately as we did the first challenge, never forgetting who we are and where we are going.
Passion and commitment are the values ​​that make us proud…because we never stop dreaming, learning and doing our best in every project. A strong, dynamic and passionate team that believes in the potential of each person. We achieve our goals with passion and commitment to help our customers succeed.

Geartec é azienda leader nella trasformazione di materiali plastici dal 1977

Since 1977…

“Few companies can boast of our experience in polymer processing. Since 1977, I have been passionately involved in the processing of plastic materials. I founded Geartec in 2015, taking over the production activities of Ensinger Italy. This is a subsidiary of the German multinational company that I personally opened, developed and directed in our country for more than 20 years. With Geartec, I have fulfilled the dream of making my and my team’s expertise and experience available to everyone and contributing to the success of our partners with the highest quality plastic components.”

G. Piatti – Founder and general manager of Geartec

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We are certified !

The quality of the manufacturing process is our starting point to ensure consistent and high quality supplies, which are in agreement with the specification and with the planned delivery time. Each production order is planned and followed through our ERP system, a bar code system guarantees traceability of the raw materials and the progress of each job. Predictive continuous maintenance is applied to all our tools and machines in order to guarantee their complete reliability, our operators work in agreement with written procedures which ensure consistent high quality. The measurement instruments, in our quality inspection room are periodically checked and verified and include, in addition to the traditional ones, optical instruments and 3D coordinate measuring machines. The Geartec quality management system is naturally ISO 9001 certified and in addition to operating in accordance with European Regulation 2023/2006 (on good manufacturing practices for materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs), Geartec is listed in the NSF product and service Listing.