Precision machining of plastic materials

Geartec is a specialist in polymer material turning and milling, able to meet the needs of each application and the most demanding industries.
Thanks to the experience and know-how of our technicians and a performing and complete machine park, which includes a large number of his 5-axis machining and turning centers, we are also able to manufacture plastic parts with complex geometries and minimum dimensions.

A reference for polymer processing

Everything with the polymers is our philosophy.

Polymers are a general-purpose class of materials that are widely used in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, medical and pharmaceutical. With our know-how in plastics processing, we offer a wide range of solutions for our customers who demand precision and reliability in their products.

Our product portfolio includes turned parts, milled parts, injection molded parts, extruded profiles and pre-assembled assemblies. We use the most suitable production processes to ensure the best possible results for our customers, both for prototypes and series production.

Our machine shop is designed to comply with the European Directive 2023/2006 (Good Manufacturing Practice) which guarantees the highest level of quality control and production traceability. This makes it an excellent choice for applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and medical industries where material safety and purity are critical.

Our tools and machines are designed specifically for polymer processing, ensuring tight tolerances that meet the requirements of the aerospace, semiconductor and automotive industries. Our know-how and state-of-the-art facilities enable us to create the best solutions for our partners’ businesses.

We are a leader in plastics processing, providing the optimum manufacturing process for your product. Our precision manufacturing expertise and strict adherence to quality standards provide the best solutions for a variety of industries, from aerospace to medical and pharmaceutical.

Put our knowledge of industrial polymers at your disposal

Maximizing project success with our polymeric material expertise

Our knowledge in polymeric materials drives us to support our customer starting from the design process, through the production phase and the delivery of the parts or the assemblies, until the post sales services; the expertise and the knowledge of our employes and our technology are available for our customers. Our knowledge is ready for your projects.

Tailored Polymer and Platic Solutions for Your Industry

Geartec has extensive expertise working with polymers and composites. Our knowledgeable team will assist you during the design stage in selecting the materials and production solutions that best suit your needs.
Our manufacturing department uses advanced technology and our experienced technicians ensure that every order for manufacturing polymer or composite parts is perfectly executed.
We provide industrial solutions for plastics and other polymeric materials for various industries. From aerospace to automotive to medical, we offer comprehensive services to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to find out how our quality polymer materials solutions can help your business thrive.

lavorazione meccanica materie plastiche


Our machine shops are able to produce both ...

operazioni di finitura dei polimeri industriali


Sometimes the application require finishing ...

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We can support our customers delivering them ...

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Finished parts logistic services and stock ...

Use palstic and polymers to succeed in any project


Stock shapes extruded or casted in all the most important polymers and dimensions are always available in our warehouse. The partnership with the Ensinger group guarantees daily delivery of semi-finished material. So we can guarantee to our customers to choose in a wide portfolio of materials and a short delivery time.


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