Industrial polymers for the automotive industry: innovative and reliable solutions from Geartec

Geartec has a proven track record in processing industrial polymers for the automotive industry. Parts in medium to large series can be produced in the injection molding department while applications characterized by small batches or particularly tight tolerances, which characterize, for example, the racing sector or pre-series are obtained, by turning or milling.

The benefits of polymer processing for the automotive industry:

  • Lightweight and strong materials: polymers and composites provide high mechanical strength with low weight, helping to reduce overall vehicle weight and increase operating efficiency.
  • Excellent tribological properties: The plastic and composite materials used by Geartec provide wear resistance and a high coefficient of friction, reducing maintenance and lubrication requirements.
  • Good chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance: Polymers offer high resistance to extreme temperatures, chemicals and mechanical stresses, ensuring component durability and reliability.
  • Competitive costs: The processing of industrial polymers provides an economical alternative to traditional metal materials, helping to reduce production costs.



Polymers and composites processed by Geartec are used in numerous applications in the automotive industry, including:

  • On-board electronics: Components for infotainment systems, dashboards and safety systems.
  • Transmission system: Gears, bearings and components used to transmit power.
  • Fuel management system: Tanks, piping and components for managing fuel flow.

Geartec: the ideal partner for industrial polymer processing in the automotive industry.