Il nuovo reparto di micro-fresatura Geartec

Geartec ‘s new micro-milling department

New micro-milling technologies for Geartec: excellence in technopolymer processing

At last, we are ready to introduce the new production department dedicated to micro-milling of polymeric and composite materials and specialized in the production of the parts of reduced dimensions and tolerance ranges that are increasingly in demand in components for the electronics and semiconductor industries, the medical sector, and applications in the automotive sports and aerospace sectors.
The expansion, which is integrated into the local unit in Legnano, consisted of the construction of a new building that increases the covered area by 500m 2 and the purchase of new technological resources such as machinery, equipment and measuring instruments, intended for production and product quality assurance.
The new department will establish a center of excellence for the productions and challenges of the most complex industrial sectors, consolidating Geartec as a reference point in the transformation of technopolymers.