European Funding in Geartec

More Europe for Geartec

Europe invests in our future allowing us to expand our production unit to go beyond…

The European Union, through the action of the European Regional Development Fund, provides resources suitable for the technological and digital transformation of companies, promoting technological innovation, the competitiveness of the industries and the creation of skilled jobs.
Thanks to the financial support guaranteed by the European Regional Development Fund, Geartec has been able to take a significant step forward on its path to growth and innovation. In fact, it has been able to complete a targeted investment that has enabled the company to expand its production facility, acquiring new technological resources that allow it to focus even more on micro-machining.
The investment, which takes the form of an expansion of the covered space available for production and the acquisition of machines, equipment and measurement instrumentation, will enable Geartec to be even more ready to meet the challenges and demands of high-tech industrial sectors such as electronics and semiconductors, medical and aerospace.
In fact, the new technological resources, dedicated to production by micro-milling and subsequent compliance testing, will enable the company to be able to offer parts made to drawing in polymeric materials (thermoplastic and thermoset) characterized by high dimensional accuracy and exceptional surface finish.
Geartec, therefore, positions itself, even more, as a point of reference in offering precision finished parts, contributing to technological progress and consolidating its competitive presence in the market.

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