Achieve perfection with our technopolymer solutions for medical devices

Plastic parts are often used in medical devices and surgical instruments. Polymers indeed, guarantee properties as lightness, resistance to sterilization and sanitization processes and good mechanical properties which are required in medical industry.

Geartec is able to support engineers and producers of diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical devices, machines and instruments with a complete offer of turned and milled plastic parts ensuring safety to the patient with the selection of the suitable material, the compliance to the specifics and requirements and the complete traceability of products and processes.

Geartec for orthopedic surgery

Polymers are often used for the construction of instrumentation used in knee, hip and shoulder prosthetic surgery. Indeed, the significant weight and X-ray opacity of metals are constraints that can be overcome with the use of plastics.

Application examples:

  • Composite based on polymer matrix of PEKK laminated in autoclave with carbon fiber fabric can be used for the construction of handpieces and instruments that require very high stiffness and dimensional stability even after numerous sterilizations.
  • Details constructed with medical use of polypropylene, can be used as measuring gauges during surgical operations.

The materials used are, of course, biocompatible (ISO 10993 certification and USP class 6), while the Geartec workshop, operates in accordance with 2023/2006 (good manufacturing practice) and ensures complete traceability and completeness of documentation accompanying the supply.

The construction of polymer and composite components for the medical industry offers countless advantages.

The low density of polymers makes it possible to construct handpieces and surgical instrumentation that are lighter and easier to use.

Geartec’s expertise in micro milling enables miniaturization of diagnostic and drug delivery machine components.

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