Aerospace: Our polymers take you everywhere

Geartec’s expertise in polymer processing makes it the perfect solution for the aerospace industry’s need for lightweight, strong materials. Our precise manufacturing processes and strict adherence to quality standards ensure that the finished parts manufactured in our factory meet the high level of quality required by the aerospace industry.
We offer a range of polymer products tailored to the specific needs of our aerospace customers, including turned parts, milled parts, injection molded parts, and subassemblies. Our state-of-the-art equipment and specialized tools and machinery are designed to produce tight tolerance parts that meet the exacting requirements of the aerospace industry.
The quality management system of our machine shop complies with ISO 9000-2015 standards and guarantees the highest level of quality control and production traceability. This makes it an excellent choice for the aerospace industry where material safety and cleanliness are critical. Whether for prototypes or series production, Geartec provides the optimum manufacturing process for your aerospace products. With our expertise in polymer processing and our commitment to quality, we are at the forefront of plastics processing, providing optimal solutions for a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, medical and pharmaceutical.

Plastic parts meet the aerospace industry challenge of the future with more efficient and economical aircraft

The low specific weight and excellent mechanical properties of polymeric and composite materials enable the construction of lighter and stronger parts, components and structures, leading to fuel savings and increased payload capacity.