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Geartec closes out 2021 on a growth track

Geartec closes 2021 with a 26% increase in revenue and a profit of over €100,000 thanks to the investment strategy and specialization in micromachining


The more than positive 2021 financial and economic results confirm the Legnano-based company’s investment strategy, which, supported also by the recovery of the markets, have brought the turnover to the pre-pandemic levels and they open to excellent future scenarios.

Geartec’s closing figures for the 2021 financial year show not only good financial results but also a growing position in its target market, thanks to a forward-looking investment policy that the company has been implementing for several years now.
Geartec ended 2021 with an overall growth of 26 percent over 2020, a turnover close to €5 million and a profit of more than €100,000. The contribution margin is also improved significantly bringing the company to satisfactory economic parameters.
“We are very satisfied with these results, which certainly come from the new effervescence of the markets but above all confirm the policy of strategic investments made in recent years, which, in fact, today qualifies us as one of the most experienced and reliable players in the field of very tight tolerance machining and micromachining,” commented Giancarlo Piatti General Manager of Geartec.
In fact, the Legnano-based company has invested about one million euros between 2020/21 in equipment for micro-machining, bringing important improvements not only in productivity but also in increased margins. In fact, the increasing specialization has opened up the possibility of entering new markets that require precision milling, accurate executions, respecting very tight tolerances-that is, the indispensable requirements of sectors such as electronics, but also medical, racing, and aerospace.
“At least one-fifth of our current turnover, or about one million euros, today comes from these markets. We are therefore continuing to consolidate our position, which already sees us among the largest players in Italy, so much so that the orders in our portfolio for 2022 today already doubled last year’s figure,” explained Piatti, who then went on to point out that he has already planned other significant investments always in the area of micromachining with machines that will be available in the company by next summer.
The good performance is, of course, also part of a general picture of energetic market recovery, and a more balanced situation at the liquidity level thanks to the absence of insolvency and renewed confidence on the part of the banking sector.