Performance of polymeric materials

Geartec: the ideal partner for processing polymeric materials

Polymeric materials, the main actor of your performance.

Geartec is a company specializing in the processing of polymeric materials, with more than two decades of experience and deep knowledge in the field. With its expertise, Geartec acts as a strategic partner, helping customers choose the materials and processing best suited to their needs.

Polymers offer multiple advantages, such as light weight, mechanical and chemical resistance, and the ability to be electrical and thermal insulators. Geartec leverages advanced technologies to produce polymer components, including micromachining, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to innovation.

With the creation of a new hall dedicated to micromachining and other precision machining, Geartec confirms its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of the most demanding industries. Geartec is the ideal partner to offer high-level consulting and quality machining in the field of polymeric materials and beyond.

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