Automatic robotic arm for plastic and polymers processing

Automatic machining center in Geartec.

Geartec expands micromachining department to produce parts for the electronics and semiconductor industries.

The Legnano-based company has expanded its micromachining department dedicated to the production of small parts for the electronics and semiconductor industries.

Manufacturer of semi-finished and finished plastic products Geartec has expanded its micromachining department by introducing a new 5-axis milling center equipped with an automation system that can independently provide for the loading and unloading of semi-finished and finished parts.

The new system, which is already in operation at the Legnano site, involved an investment of around 500 thousand euros, but will be able to optimize processes by reducing the presence of operators, since the workpiece change in the machine is done through a small robot that enables automatic operation.

The machining center can be used for the production of any milled part, but the stated objective of the investment is mainly for the production of micro-particles for the electronics and semiconductor industries.

“We are witnessing a growing demand that should certainly be attributed to the current moment of general recovery, but also to a progressive as well as exponential increase in the micro-machining sector,” explains Giancarlo Piatti, Geartec’s General Manager. “The trend toward a reduction in the size and weight of devices and components, whose production requires experience, pushed specialization and great reliability, also plays in favor. Geartec ended 2021 with sales of around €5 million, +26% year-on-year and a profit of over €100,000. In the last two years, the company has already invested around one million euros in microprocessing systems and has focused its activities on a separate, air-conditioned sector.

Article published in Polymerica