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Micromachining and assembly: Geartec invests in production expansion

Geartec is a company specializing in plastics machining: turning and milling. Founded only eight years ago, but with more than 25 years’ experience in techno polymer machining, it has unique industry experience in the production of small parts requiring specialized skills.

Geartec has successfully positioned itself in this niche market. The company works with high-performance engineering polymers and semi-finished products, replacing metals or low-performance plastics in various industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, automotive, electronics, food, packaging and bottling.

Geartec’s technical expertise and flexible approach to addressing customers’ technical problems have contributed to its success. The company has a workshop equipped with precision machines for high-performance polymer processing and draws on a wide range of skills and knowledge to meet customers’ specific needs.

Geartec relies on its decades of experience in processing Ensinger materials, a primary choice for most components. The company focuses on developing micromachining and assembly capabilities, as well as the use of hi-tech materials.

Geartec plans to expand its production department and micromachining activities, investing about 2 million euros. The company’s mission is to become a reliable partner in the industry, offering in-depth polymer expertise and comprehensive service to customers.

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